What I’ve been up to

This blog has been quiet for almost a year now. Mostly because I joined a Marketing Analytics company called Gradient Metrics as an all-round quantitative analyst. Gradient gave me the opportunity to combine my previous marketing experience with my newfound love for data science, and I never looked back.

Combining Marketing & Data Science

A successful marketing strategy will always require two dimensions. On one end, you’ll find creativity. A necessary ingredient for any company to make sure they connect with their audience. This has unfortunately never been my forte. Luckily for me, marketing departments have always been frontrunners when it comes to analytics. Optimization through analytics and data-based decision making are core ingredients for every modern company.

Plenty of marketing consultancies, have embraced the “new age” of analytics in marketing, but seem to neglect the more traditional methods. It’s all about SEO & SEA, getting the most value per click, a/b testing every single pixel on their website screen and so much more. This makes sense for companies that have everything in place. Companies who are ready for these kind of optimizations. However, smaller companies, aren’t there yet. They need to focus more on traditional market(ing) research. Finding out who their customers are, what they’re like. What drives them and what makes them tick.

Balancing Analytics and Creativity in Marketing

Balancing Analytics and Creativity in Marketing

What’s next?

I’ve made it my mission over 2019 to learn more about all of the different statistical methods that can be applied to any marketing related question. To instantly recognize a problem when casually talking business over drinks at a local pub. And to immediately know which type of model or analytical to apply to extract the relevant answer. I’m close, but not there yet, there is always more to learn.

Luckily, along with my colleagues at Gradient and our soon-to-be-announced advisory board, I know I will be able to get to that point soon enough, and hopefully be reaping the benefits straight away.

Any time you are looking for a sparring partner for your marketing related issues - feel free to hit me up and with all the things that I’ve already learned, and will learn, I might just be able to get you on the right track!